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Bar Practice Question for May 30th

The defendant considers himself the greatest and most inventive practical joker on earth. He plans a dinner party incorporating an elaborate joke to spook his guests. The planned joke involves a timed fire near the dining room door, set to go off as the defendant's guests are eating dinner. The defendant has treated the walls, door, ceiling, and floor of the room with a special fireproof finish to prevent them from igniting, and the fire is set to burn for only 45 seconds. On the night of the dinner party, the defendant is electric with anticipation; he cannot wait to see the terrified looks on his friends' faces. However, when the fire goes off as planned, a woman, one of the guests, panics and runs from the room through the only doorway, which is precisely where the flames are. As the woman runs through the flames, her clothes catch fire, and she dies from her injuries.

The defendant should be convicted of which of the following crimes?

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