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GRE Practice Question for September 23rd

Directions: For each blank, select one entry from the corresponding column of choices. Fill all blanks in the way that best completes the text.

Shakespeare and Moliere are now accepted as the greatest of dramatic poets; but to their own _____, they were known rather as ingenious playwrights up to every trick of the trade, finding their profit in every new device of their fellow craftsmen.

Perhaps actors discussed the poets, but there is no need to limit the answer to just actors. Furthermore, 'actors' aren't limited the periods Shakespeare and Moliere were working in.

The people who were describing the poets' reputations while they were alive could have included 'audience' members, but other groups of people also discussed their work. Also, 'audiences' aren't limited to the periods Shakespeare and Moliere were working in.

This is the credited response. Shakespeare and Moliere were dramatic poets and 'contemporaries' is an appropriate word choice to define where their reputations originated while they were still alive.

'Allies,' people or groups united for a common cause, is not appropriate here.

This is not the credited response. A scribe is a record keeper.

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