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Bar Practice Question for December 10th

A race car driver had decided to buy a new sports car. He purchased his car through a high-end sports car dealership, agreeing to pay $ 75,000 upon delivery of the new car to the dealership. The following week, on December 14, he went to the dealership to pick up the car. The car had been delivered to the dealership, but upon inspection, the driver noticed that the car did not have vinyl seats. He pointed out this fact to the sales assistant. She checked the sales contract and found that the contract did call for vinyl seats. Because there was not a similar model of the car with vinyl seats in stock, and the service department was closed for the Christmas holidays, the sales assistant told the driver that the dealership would install the vinyl seats when the service department reopened on December 27. Furious, the driver stormed out of the store, yelling that he would buy a car from the dealership's rival, instead.

As of December 14, what were the rights of both parties?

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